Cosmetic (plastic) anal surgery

Anal skin tags (sometimes called external hemorrhoids) and other unsightly problems can develop from childbirth, hemorrhoids or anal fissures.  Skin tags can lead to difficulty cleaning, embarrassment and reduced confidence.  Creams and ointments will rarely make a difference.  Hemorrhoid treatment, including banding, will generally not eliminate skin tags.

Pezim Clinic is British Columbia’s leading Colorectal Surgery clinic for Anal Cosmetic Surgery.  We perform a variety of Anal Cosmetic Surgery procedures under local anesthetic, including excision of anal skin tags, in a private, non-hospital, accredited surgical suite designed exclusively for anorectal operations.  All procedures are performed by a Colorectal Surgeon with over 30 years of experience.  The procedures are well-tolerated and most patients are back to work quickly.

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