Laser, injection, cryotherapy for hemorrhoids

There are all sorts of procedures that have been used in the treatment of
hemorrhoids over the years, virtually anything that one can imagine has been
tried.  Many people hear about ‘laser’ treatment of hemorrhoids.  There is very
little true applicability of laser to this area.  Laser, as used as a cutting instrument
such as in removing hemorrhoids, is just another way of cutting tissue.  It has no
real advantage to cutting by any other means, and it introduces its own potential
complications and hazards to the patient and the medical team.

Injection therapy for hemorrhoids was very popular in the United Kingdom in
years past.  It involves the injection of toxic material into the tissues beneath the

hemorrhoids (through a large needle).  This material causes the tissues under the
hemorrhoids to ‘sclerose’ (scar and contract), resulting in reduced prolapse and
bleeding.  It can be a very effective treatment.  However, there have been cases of
errant injections, such as into the prostate gland and other sensitive tissues, with
attendant severe complications.  Perhaps for these reasons, injection treatments
never became popular in North America and are rarely seen here nowadays.

Cryotherapy is a treatment that involves freezing the hemorrhoidal tissues with
cryoprobes.  Results may ultimately be reasonable, but the wounds weep for some
time afterwards and so cryotherapy treatment for hemorrhoids has not stood the
test of time.

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