Surgery under local anesthetic

Even though much of anorectal surgery can be performed promptly under local anesthetic, and without the risks associated with general anesthetic, in many centers in the province, the waiting list for surgical treatment of hemorrhoids, fissures and fistulas is up to two years, and most patients will be operated on under general anesthetic.
One of the reasons for the long wait is that most surgeons do not have access to enough operating time, and when they do get operating time, it is in a hospital operating room where procedures under local anesthetic are generally not done.  Most surgeons simply do not have access to an operating facility in which they can perform anorectal surgery without a lot of delay, and under local anesthetic, even if that may be the best way to do it in a particular case.  It is just too inefficient and troublesome for hospitals to provide these procedures under local anesthetic.  In addition, for many surgeons, operating under local anesthetic is a hassle they don’t really want on a busy day.  So for these reasons, the vast majority of patients who get anorectal surgery in British Columbia are going to wait a long time, and when they do finally get surgery, they are going to get it in a formal hospital operating room and they are going to be put to sleep (with the attendant risks) whether they need it or not.
Another cause for delay is that anorectal surgery is generally considered a low priority in most hospitals.  So, unbeknownst to most anorectal patients, they are continually bumped while on the waiting list when other, supposedly more important, patients present to the surgeon or hospital.
The Pezim Clinic is the only clinic in British Columbia with an operating room especially designed for local anesthetic anorectal surgery procedures (operatory). And because we make management of anorectal problems a high priority, we won’t bump you for other patients. We know how much these disorders can affect the quality of your life.
We are equipped to do a wide variety of anorectal surgical procedures under local anesthetic, often in as little as 3 weeks’ time, and in a much more confidential setting. These procedures include hemorrhoidectomy, sphincterotomy for fissure, fistula surgery, cosmetic anal surgery, and surgery for pilonidal abscess.
Not all patients are suitable for anorectal surgery under local anesthetic.  It depends on the patient’s general health (see Am I medically-suitable for a procedure at the Pezim Clinic), their particular anatomy, and the extent and type of their problem.  The Medical Director will decide on a case-by-case basis whether a patient is suitable for surgical treatment under local anesthetic in the Clinic.
So if you are one of thousands of patients in Western Canada on what seems to be an endless General Surgery waiting list for anorectal surgery (under general anesthetic most likely), we would be happy to assess your suitability for an expedited local anesthetic procedure.  In fact, we may even discover that you don’t need surgery at all and may be better managed by an alternative conservative treatment, so you should be prepared for that possibility.

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