Surgical excision of hemorrhoids and anal lesions

Certain types of prolapsing and bleeding hemorrhoids are better treated by surgical excision than by the more conservative methods such as banding or photocoagulation.  These especially include those hemorrhoids in which there is a significant skin bulging component along with the prolapse.  Bulging skin associated with a large internal hemorrhoid will usually not go away, even after repeated banding.  A simple excision of both the skin component and the hemorrhoids under local anesthetic in the Pezim Clinic can quickly deal with a problem that has been plaguing the patient for years and would probably never be solved any other way.  The Pezim Clinic surgeon will tell you if you have a hemorrhoid that is best treated by surgical excision.  It is best reserved for patients with a single large prolapsing troublesome hemorrhoid.  These procedures are generally very well-tolerated and the wound heals quickly.

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