Urgent consultation/same-day appointments

A recent review of patient visits at the Pezim Clinic over the past 7 years showed that median wait time from date of Family Physician referral to date of Clinic consultation was 11 calendar days (average 14 days) for routine patients, and 6 days (average 5 days) for ‘urgent’ patients.  Nearly a third of urgent patients were seen on the same or next day.  Keep in mind that the average Canadian national wait time in 2008 was 90 days.  Within 3 weeks of referral, 85% of patients had undergone initial Clinic consultation.  97% were seen within one month.

In general, we try to see all referred patients within 3 weeks.  If the referring physician feels that the problem is urgent, we will see the patient on the same day (a ‘fit in’ appointment) or the next day.  Highest quality patient care is our first priority.  ‘Fast’ is our second priority, and we do everything possible to make it happen.

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