What We Do

The Pezim Clinic is an accredited Lower Gastrointestinal (GI) Diagnostic and Treatment Centre.  We specialize exclusively in diagnosing and treating patients with abdominal and intestinal disorders (including positive FIT tests and colorectal cancer) and proctology (anorectal problems such as hemorrhoids, fissures, fistulas, abscesses, etc).  We are also British Columbia’s leading Colorectal Surgery Clinic for Anal Cosmetic Surgery.  Because we have our own equipment and a full-time clinical commitment, we are able to see patients and diagnose and treat them far more quickly than most hospitals or other specialists.  And we really do mean fast.  To date, the Clinic has saved patients over one thousand years of waiting.

We see about 25 patients per day and perform approximately 1,000 procedures per year.  We have performed over 16,000 colonoscopies and flexible sigmoidoscopies.  A recent review of patients diagnosed with colorectal cancer at the Clinic reveals that we find a colorectal cancer about every 7 days and that we have provided our patients with significantly reduced times to surgical treatment.  This may translate into improved survival.

We practice extreme quality.  This means that aside from maintaining accreditation standards required by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia, and performing procedures with great care, we also assess each patient’s problem individually and provide a customized program for them.  We are not a ‘procedure mill’.  Instead, we consider our procedures as just one of the tools for finding out what is wrong and providing treatment for a specific problem.

We maintain world-class low complication rates by being extremely fussy (some say annoyingly so) in all aspects of patient care.  If we don’t think you should have a procedure, or if we think it should be performed somewhere else, or if you need something entirely different from what you were told or think you need, we will tell you, and we will tell you why.  We are referred patients from an active network of over 900 physicians throughout British Columbia and Alberta.   The Pezim Clinic has become a hub for patients with a wide range of colorectal, intestinal, GI and General Surgery disorders and needs, and we receive many requests for second opinions regarding treatment elsewhere.

The Medical Director is Dr. Michael E. Pezim.  Dr. Pezim is an experienced General Surgeon and Colorectal Surgeon trained in Toronto (U of T), Vancouver (UBC), London England (St. Mark’s Hospital, London), and the United States (Mayo Clinic).

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