Pezim Clinic Complications


Approximate procedure numbers since founding 10,000
Transfer to hospital from the Clinic* 8 (.08%)
Patients requiring hospitalization within 30 days after procedure** 9 (.09%)
Perforations from colonoscopy/flexible sigmoidoscopy*** 0
Bleeding following polypectomy requiring hospitalization**** 3 (.03%)
Known transmission of infection 0
Requirement for surgery in hospital 0
Unsatisfactory review of any complication by the College 0
Deaths 0


One patient developed evidence of a rectovaginal fistula following a colonoscopy. This patient had a previous rectovaginal fistula in an area of radiated bowel in which there had been an intestinal resection and reanastomosis. There were some symptoms of pelvic pain prior to the colonoscopy and it is not clear whether the increased rectovaginal symptoms following the colonoscopy were a result of the procedure.

* Transfer has occurred for a variety of reasons including transfer before commencement of the procedure due to diabetes control problems, other medical issues not specifically related to the procedure, and problems arising from the bowel preparation and noted by the Medical Director upon patient’s arrival to the Clinic.  Reasons for transfer following procedure include sedation issues, tachycardia, bleeding from polypectomy in one instance.

** Including transient abdominal pain, transient bleeding, bacteremia following polypectomy.  All patients were discharged from hospital in satisfactory condition, without requiring any surgery.

*** Standard North American perforation rates are generally quoted as 1 in 1,500 to 1 in 2,000.

**** No surgeries required.